Responsibility of a land surveyor

Published: 13th November 2008
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Land surveyors play an integral role in the effective functioning of land surveying. Hence it is very much sure that there would be high demand for the qualified and the well established land surveyors. It is quite obvious that before the inception of the construction of any bridge, building walls, there is a requirement of the land surveyors at every stage. Incase you are a well qualified land surveyor intending to start the land surveying business then work with the assumption that the land surveying business was commenced for you and last in the industry to provide quality service thereby satisfying your wide range of customers. If you are intending to run a successful land surveying venture, then it is essential that you have access over the modernized land surveying technology and the mechanization even the computers and the laser technology.

It is always possible that you would be able to function on the particular land surveying ventures with the existing technology, but sometimes it may be possible that the size of the land surveying ventures may create the requirement of hiring qualified professionals, or similar professionals just because of the complexity of the survey.

The skills which you would require to run a highly successful business venture are your excellent surveying skills. These surveying skills would be enhanced with your years of experience. You will also need to market your service and get the message conveyed across to the customers about the operation of the land surveying business so that you can build a strong client base and it would be essential that you become successful in retaining your list of clientele by satisfying their needs and providing them excellent high quality service.

Experience Required: After you are done with your graduation it is essential that you work under some professional company as an apprentice so that you gain the valuable experience and the different techniques from them. You would really get valuable exposure as an apprentice which you can further use for the good functioning of your business.

Some of the duties and the responsibilities which are required to be performed by them so that they render valuable service to their clients have been listed below:

• The land surveyor must ensure that there is coordination between the surveying efforts of the project in the particular area of interest

• Supervise the functioning of a minimum of 3 crews and manage the office support teams.

• Render technical and operational guidance to the different teams.

• Ensure the performance of the projects adhere to the technical standards

• Render the ongoing performance of the project to the client

• Review and update the invoices of the onshore surveying projects

• Ensure the implementation of the onshore surveying standards

• He must be actively involved the tendering process of the onshore geomatics project

• He must update the technology for the process improvements of the day to day projects

• The land surveyor must manage the sub contractors and comply with the formalities of the HSE.

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